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Matching a fabric colour when shopping online is made easy with our colour matching service.  We can help you find your perfect colour by sending you a swatch of your desired fabrics. This is how it works:

- you can request a fat quarter of your desired fabric, or 

- send us a swatch by mail, then we will find the closest matches in our store, and mail you swatches back by regular mail. 

To request a fat quarter, send us an email at Include the fabric description and number. The price of a fat quater is $5.95. Shipping is extra. Payment can be made by e-transfer or by credit card over the phone.

To request swatches, send us a sample of your fabric that you want to match. We will include 5" swatches of fabrics in your colour. The price per swatch is $2.95. Shipping is extra. 

See our great Quiltatious selection of blenders, and let us know if we can help.  

To make your colour matching online easier, we have introduced our Northcott Colorworks monthly fat quarter bundle subscription. With this, when you order online, you will have the actual colour in front of you to refer to. And, this is not only when you order Colorworks Solids, but ANY blender or print from Northcott Fabrics, or even from other companies. The two or three digit colour code is the same for  the same colours in other Northcott blenders. This makes it easier for you to see your desired colour across all the blender collections. 

Also, when you call us to match a colour, we can easily compare a print to the Colorworks Solids, and we can tell you exactly which colour this print is closest to. So, really, once you have collected all the colours from Northcott colorworks solids, your Colorworks Solids fat quarter bundle can serve as a standard for you to compare your colours against. 

To make all this possible, we will be attaching a sticker with the corresponding colour number to each fat quarter in your bundle.